Same Day Tax

Would you like a Same Day Tax Refund?

Tax Fast can prepare your return while you wait, giving you the best possible refund, and if you wish we can provide you with a cash cheque for your refund amount, less our fees, that you can take to the bank and cash straight away.

fees, conditions and limits

There are additional fees, conditions and limits for the same day refund. They are:

  • To qualify for the same day refund you need to be due a tax refund in excess of our fees for your return.
  • You must not have any monies owing to Government Departments – in particular the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink (Family Assistance Office) and/or the Child Support Agency.
  • We will contact these agencies with you and need to be able to confirm no debts are outstanding.
  • Fees apply for the Same Day Refund in addition to your return fee. This depends on the amount you receive and the verifications required.
  • New Clients are limited to a maximum $1,000 same day refund for their first return with us. Existing client maximum amounts are at our discretion.
  • You are required to provide a valid credit card (Visa or Mastercard) which will be charged for any refund paid, that is not recovered from your ATO refund.
  • You need to bring two items of ID (including 1 photo ID – passport, drivers licence etc) to cash your cheque at the bank.
  • You need to bring all relevant documentation to your appointment (see “What Documents are Required at Your Appointment”)

If you have any history of debts with Centrelink / Child Support / Tax Office you must bring any supporting paperwork to assist.

The same day refund is payable totally at our discretion, upon completion of our checking procedures.

If you don’t want a same day refund or don’t qualify, still come and see us – we can prepare your return while you wait, giving you the best possible refund and great service.

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